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Chassis Wash Systems that Satisfy Regulations, Protects Your Investment, Maximizes Performance

Since 1992, Maintenance Technology Corporation, (MTI) has been designing, fabricating, installing and servicing, custom, chassis washers and decontamination systems. MTI’s dedicated team proudly provides chassis wash, wheel wash and decontamination solutions for industry that effectively and efficiently remove corrosive materials and other contaminants from vehicle surfaces. In addition, MTI is very adept at providing water capture, treatment and a wide variety of wash water effluent processes. Our automated systems have successfully mitigated municipal regulation, eased regular maintenance, increased chassis life cycle and displaced costly manual efforts.

A Recent MTI Fully Automated Wheel, Tread and Decontamination Project

For a waste management and trash to energy company that services the greater Boston area, MTI recently developed and installed a two-bay customized, fully automated, wheel and tread washer system at a large landfill exit. The company’s new decontamination system features custom stainless steel bay equipment, high efficiency pump stands, traffic control and high speed roll-up doors. The system has been very strategic in satisfying government enforced regulation to remove ash from vehicles before exiting their property.

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If you are looking to design and build a new vehicle wash system, retrofit an existing facility or need wash equipment to help satisfy your HACCP plan do not hesitate to contact MTI. Our portfolio of design solutions will save unnecessary frustration, time, money and resources. As a one-stop shop, MTI will develop chassis washers, wheel washers and decontamination systems designed to satisfy regulation and effectively and efficiently provide cleaning technologies for your vehicles and equipment.

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Can wash equipment mitigate my heavy equipment track off?

MTI has a proven track record of successfully engineering systems for vehicle decontamination that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and are environmentally sound.

Does MTI have the resources to service and support what they sell?

MTI can absolutely support you after the sale with phone support and parts. MTI has technicians and trucks on the road every day servicing customers in the Northeast.

Would an automated chassis washer increase expected chassis life?

Road salt is a prime contributor to accelerating the decay of a vehicle€s chassis. Removing it regularly and effectively is the best way to minimize its effects.