Maintenance Tech., Inc., (MTI), continues to be a leader and innovator in vehicle wash equipment and related support since 1992. This well-deserved reputation is largely due to the knowledge and dedication of the company founder, Michael Snow. We provide project management, specialized general contracting and retrofits of existing facilities.
Project Profile: Portland, Maine DPW Multi-Vehicle Wash
Project Profile: Cumberland, Maine DPW Multi-Vehicle Wash


Vehicle Washing Systems

We’re problem solvers when it comes to designing, building, and maintaining retail car washes.

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We’re experts on chassis washes and vehicle decontamination systems that help you meet regulations.

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We build large vehicle washes that save on costs and preserve vehicle assets.

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We have deep relationships with top vendors in the car wash industry. We also build custom parts.

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Our Satisfied Customers

  • Car Wash
    “I had equipment from another distributor that never worked properly. I was about to rip it out but decided to call MTI first. Mike told me he could get it working. He guaranteed it and said he’d stand behind the work. The equipment worked the day he left and it’s been working ever since. I’ve been in this business for 40 years, and Mike and his team are the best technicians I’ve ever worked with. Mike is down-to-earth and genuine. There is no better guy.”
    -- Gary MacKenzie, Owner, Car Wash Investor
  • Large Vehicle Wash
    If you are considering building a heavy vehicle wash facility, it’s my pleasure to strongly recommend Maintenance Tech Inc. to design, provide, install and maintain your equipment package. I had the privilege of working with Michael Snow and the MTI team when I designed and built the Truck Wash Express in Williston, North Dakota. The Truck Wash Express North Dakota facility is a three bay truck and heavy oil field equipment wash facility located in the heart of the Bakken oil field.
    -- Chris Storm, CEO, Truck Wash Express
Reputation for Excellence

Why Choose MTI

  • Over 30 Years in the vehicle washing industry

    Maintenance Tech., Inc. will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, designing, constructing and servicing vehicle wash systems for entrepreneurial business owners, private investor interests and public entities throughout the Northeast US and Atlantic Provinces.

  • Outstanding customer service

    The Maintenance Tech. Team attributes our success directly to the success of our client base. More simply, ensuring the success of our client, ensures our continued success. Our goal will always be to offer the most practical, most efficient and most profitable solutions.

  • Focused Problem Solving

    The MTI philosophy originates with efficiently identifying problems and issues. This base line approach, allows our team to create effective solutions and an implementation strategy. Most importantly, we work diligently to empower and cooperate with operators and concerned parties to effectively manage their system