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Car Wash Systems

Car Wash Systems That Drive Profits and Boost Retail Appeal

Maintenance Tech., Inc. (MTI) has been designing, installing and maintaining state-of- the-art car washes in the Northeast US since 1992. Our focus is to help entrepreneurs maximize their return on investment and build profitable businesses constructed to exceed expectations. We are a full-service company with independent service, sales and project management departments. We represent a portfolio of industry respected manufacturers and an exclusive group of trusted partners including: Air Lift Doors, CAT Pumps, Con-Serv, Culligan, D&S, Diamond Shine, Encon, Hanna, Ingersoll Rand, Kesseltronics, Lochinvar, Mosmatic, NuForm, Dryer Pros, TSS, UniTec and Whiting Systems.

Profitable Car Wash Systems

From concept to completion, MTI can support the most discriminating client and is driven to cater to most any car wash system demand. We supply equipment, parts and consumables. MTI is all-things-car-washing. We are ready, willing and able to help you:

  • Build and establish fully operable car wash systems 
  • Implement water management, water re-use, lighting, chemistry and other eco-friendly strategies 
  • Assist with satisfying permitting and regulatory standards 
  • Provide project management and general contracting of turn-key investment opportunities 
  • Retrofit existing car wash systems and provide profit building strategies and consultation

Relationships Matter. MTI & Service After the Sale

Because your success is directly proportional to our success, we encourage and nurture relationships with each one of our clients. We understand that service after the sale is paramount to the long-term success of any car wash business.

Our experienced account management team provide in-depth guidance and the correct balance of support, contracted service, training and technical savvy to maximize our customers up-time.

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We’d love to help you solve your car wash challenges and get your revenue stream up and running again.

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Maintenance Tech Inc. delivers Innovation by Design.

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What Our Clients Say ...

I had equipment from another distributor that never worked properly. I was about to rip it out but decided to call MTI first. Mike told me he could get it working. He guaranteed it and said he’d stand behind the work. The equipment worked the day he left and it’s been working ever since. I’ve been in this business for 40 years, and Mike and his team are the best technicians I’ve ever worked with. Mike is down-to-earth and genuine. There is no better guy.
- Gary MacKenzie
Are all chemistry used in vehicle washing safe and environmentally friendly?

No. Some chemistry on the market is not only dangerous to the environment, but also to your employees and equipment. MTI will help you select safe, proven, and effective products.

Are there measures I can take to increase revenue at my car wash?

MTI can provide you with what customers are looking by increasing your cash in and providing strategies to help reduce operating costs thereby decreasing your cash out.

Can I build a car wash without access to municipal sewer?

MTI provides engineering support and sourcing to develop a strategy of low consumption equipment, recycling, and waste treatment to manage water disposal challenges.

Can I save money by recovering and re-using water?

Water is a major component in wash system operating costs. MTI has years of experience matching vendors and tactics to your specific situation which minimizes your water usage.

Can I successfully build a cash-less wash operation?

Cash-less operation is viable and desirable alternative to cash handling. MTI can help you explore equipment options, implement your decision, and support you long term.

Does MTI have the resources to service and support what they sell?

MTI can absolutely support you after the sale with phone support and parts. MTI has technicians and trucks on the road every day servicing customers in the Northeast.

How do I calculate ROI for capital improvement projects at my wash?

The team at MTI has years of experience calculating wash pricing, estimating wash utilization, and predicting operating expenses which are key components to calculate ROI.

Is it really necessary to heat water used for car and truck washing?

Heated water, smart chemistry, quality, and delivery, work together to clean cars. MTI has the experience and resources to help you put all the elements together.

Is there specific criterial for design of a vehicle wash facility?

How your wash is laid out and the materials and equipment inside will pay you back over the life of the wash. MTI has experience that can help you make the right decisions.

What equipment and techniques can I use to reduce costs for operation?

Operating expenses for car wash owners are water consumption and disposal, energy usage, and equipment maintenance. MTI has resources to help in all these areas.

What is the best building material to construct a vehicle wash facility?

MTI partners with vendors offering products particular to the vehicle wash sector. These materials are designed specifically to perform in the wash environment.

What is the better equipment for a wash, touch-free or touch?

Both methods can product clean, shiny vehicles, but only one may be suited to your particular site and situation. MTI can help you determine which is best for you.

Can I monitor my wash facility remotely?

There are a number of options for remote monitoring. MTI can help you choose the one that is right for you. We can install it and provide post sale support.